Automate construction supply chain payment processes

Textura-Construction Payment Management™ (CPM™) is the world’s leading solution for automating and standardising construction supply chain payment processes. Seamlessly integrating existing ERP and accounting systems and Supply Chain Finance programmes avoids payment delays and double entries, increases transparency on outstanding and effected payments and mitigates financial risks. A high level of process standardisation and automation of routine manual tasks enable end-to-end process control and reliable cash flow planning.

CPM brings together all project participants and financial data in one collaborative platform. Decision makers evaluate information in real-time, creating the basis for fact-based sustainable business decisions.

Delivering value to all project participants for sustained business relationships

Mitigate risks – improve reliability of cash flow planning

  • Improved visibility of project’s financial KPIs
  • Increased transparency on supply chain payment processes
  • Correct and compliant payment documentation, also for project bank accounts

Leverage competitive advantages

  • Improve cash flow and working capital forecasting
  • Improve cost control through early insight into the data behind applications, certifications, variations and unsurfaced liabilities
  • Attract, retain and monitor a strong supply chain and comply with EU Payment Directive

Risk mitigation – get paid faster

  • An online payment portal offers consistent information, transparency on the amounts and timelines of open and expected payments
  • More reliable cash flow planning
  • Improved working capital position supports more competitive bids, attracting additional business

Submitting auditable construction invoices as well as their approval and payment process is subject to system discontinuities and manual tasks, making supply chain payment processes inefficient and error prone.

  • Lack of comprehensive, automated and standardised approval and payment processes across the supply chain
  • Non-compliance with the EU Payment Directive
  • Double entries, late payments and/or ad-hoc or unauthorised partial payments
  • Manual data transfer increases risks of miscalculations or missing data increase project budgets
  • Discrepancies between invoice applications, approvals, claims and partial payments compromise commercial consistency

Common use of spreadsheets prevents flagging of key dates, collection of compliance documents and consistent, repeatable processes. They are not enabled to mirror internal approval guidelines relating to projects, contracts and invoice amounts.

Abuse or unauthorised and intransparent approvals and payments cannot be prevented, making a legally compliant, auditable documentation – especially for public contracts – almost impossible.
Lack of consistent, real-time data on progress, costs, total subcontracted amounts and outstanding or effected payments impede forecasting, leading to incorrect financial KPIs.

Textura-Construction Payment Management (CPM) offers improved cost control through early insight into the data behind applications, approvals, claims and unsurfaced liabilities, supporting efficient repeatable processes. CPM‘s supply chain payment workflows allow for fully digitised automated payment processes complying with internal approval guidelines and effecting a faster payment turnaround.

Over the past ten years, Textura has been defining ‘best practice’ in the global construction industry’s supply chain payment processes, helping over 80.000 global contractors realise cost-savings, efficiencies and supply chain relationship benefits through digitising supply chain payment practices.

Address the supply chain’s most pressing issues: Lack of visibility, weak cash flow, insufficient communication and late payment. Digital payment processes, integrating also information silos like DMS, archives or project management / cost management software while keeping ERP systems as the leading system ensure financial integrity between all project participants and disparate systems.

All stakeholders profit from using the collaborative online payment portal consistent information means more transparency on the amounts and timelines of open and expected payments and better, timely communication.

  • Create automated, repeatable processes
  • Transparency of commercial position
  • Collaborative working across the entire supply chain, further reinforcing subcontractor relationships
  • Compliant, comprehensive documentation
  • Automated cloud-based workflows drive significant cost savings

Cloud-based payment workflow across the supply chain

Integrated Supply Chain Finance with EPP

Combining Greensill Capital’s expertise in Supply Chain Finance with Textura CPM addresses major limitations of bank-led schemes, allowing Owners or general contractors to include subcontractors and suppliers previously not eligible into those schemes. Eligible subcontractors benefit from early payments via Textura Early Payment Program™ (EPP™), which is always available as an option.

Cost control is automated and improved through early insight into the data behind applications, approvals, claims and unsurfaced liabilities, enabling timely submittal, review and approval. Transparency on payment holds for missing or expired compliance items with subcontractor self-service options and notifications streamline the communication process further.
Project costs are significantly reduced through the digital and standardised process:

  • Short implementation cycles, using (bi-) directional ERP / accounting system integration
  • Automate and monitor routine tasks, streamlining processes and relieving workload
  • Browser-based access, no additional hardware or software required
  • Training and hotline support for all project participants at anytime over the course of the project
Automatically calculated previously paid balances, retention and any applicable VAT make sure to reduce payment cycles and thus comply with the EU Payment Directive 2011/7/EU , reporting requirements, and avoid or better prepare for adjudication.

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