Get paid faster for improved working capital position

The Textura Early Payment Program™ (EPP™) was developed in partnership with supply chain finance experts at Greensill Capital. Textura provides its Construction Payment Management™ (CPM™) software, while Greensill provides the scheme‘s underwriting, supported by Morgan Stanley and their capital market expertise.

The first broadly available construction supply chain finance program enables general contractors to offer optional earlier payments to all of their subcontractors against a fee based on the subcontractor payment amount.

Supply chain finance in construction

EPP addresses the construction supply chain’s major issues:

  • Eligible subcontractors and suppliers benefit from early payments via EPP™, which is always available as an option, improving their working capital position
  • The accelerated payment is discounted and creates a new revenue stream for Owners / general contractors, possibly investing surplus cash as well
  • Combining Greensill Capital’s expertise in Supply Chain Finance with Textura CPMTM addresses major limitations of bank-led schemes, allowing suppliers previously not eligible to be included.

How EPP works

  • Participating main contractors sign a funding agreement with Greensill Capital
  • Main contractors enroll projects and eligible subcontractors and suppliers using the Textura-CPM software
  • Participating subcontractors and suppliers accept payment terms and submit applications for payment to main contractors for processing through CPM
  • Once approved, subcontractors/suppliers receive confirmation of payments via CPM, with full supporting details
  • At maturity, main contractors settle invoices with the funding source

…because it’s so simple! Flexibility in payment terms is a useful financial instrument for targeted working capital management.

If you are already using CPM, little will change. The process is merely extended by one step: the early payment to the subcontractor or supplier. EPP is an additional CPM module option. You can use CPM for all of your construction projects – with or without using EPP – and benefit from standardised and fully automated workflows.

All this helps you establish, maintain and grow long-term sustainable supplier relations, improve supply chain finance and helps you keep all payment deadlines.

Benefits to main contractors/owners

Working capital & margin optimisation

  • Attract, retain and monitor a strong supply chain benefitting from early payments
  • Create a potential new revenue stream by investing surplus cash as well
  • Include suppliers previously not eligible under bank-led schemes
  • End-to-end process control and reliable cash flow planning

If you are a main contractor, please contact us for further information.

Benefits to subcontractors/suppliers

Improved cash flow

  • Consistent information and transparency on the amounts and timelines of open and expected payments enables reliable cash flow planning
  • Improved balance sheet, avoiding third party debt
  • Early payments reduce insolvency risks
  • Optional supply chain finance programme

If you are a subcontractor, please apply for EPP by contacting your main contractor.

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