QA/QC for commissioning projects and technical equipment

Maintaining quality and building commissioning best practices in addition to proper documentation is an important part of the construction process. That includes the systematic quality assurance commissioning software process that verifies all the functional requirements of the owner are met and that the facility and its assemblies operate efficiently as per the project specifications. You can control who in your team can perform and approve each step.

Latista™ helps you automate scripts, track systems and equipment status, and document the full inspection and building commissioning process. Once complete, owners can sign their approval directly on the tablet.

Latista is integrated with schedule management solutions like Oracle Primavera and Microsoft Project, so you can monitor scheduled dates and visually track status for each step. Set up notifications to drive accountability by holding specific users responsible for the effective resolution of issues.


  • Work offline or sync and pull documents on demand
  • Import, access and mark up drawings, plans, forms, contracts and Building Information Models (BIM)
  • Interactively record tests on digital forms and distribute with configurable workflows
  • Integrate with schedule management solutions, Oracle Primavera and Microsoft Project
  • Track revisions and publish to the entire team
  • Assign issues to specific responsible parties and automatically notify them of issues to be addressed
  • Set up notifications of key events and monitor scheduled dates in the process
  • Monitor project performance with a comprehensive set of out-of the-box reports and dashboards for optimised processes and definitive decisions

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