Mobile field management for better project performance

Issues are part of every construction process. Their recording, resolution, tracking and documentation can be time consuming and inefficient, the delays and reworks they require creating additional costs.

Latista™ is a cloud-based, mobile software solution that integrates with your document management system. It automates your activities with configurable workflows, electronic forms, checklists and inspection/issue status for technical equipment.

With Latista everyone in the project shares a single source of information to make real-time decisions, making sure the project stays on track, avoiding unnecessary costs and keeping to quality requirements.

Why use Latista™ – Top 10:

  • Integration with existing document and project management systems
  • On- and offline availability with high performance synchronisation
  • All participants, data, systems centralised on one platform
  • Automation of routine processes in QA
  • Automatic issue report and work order generation and distribution
  • Management and analysis of status, timeline and due dates as well as workflow step details in real time
  • Comprehensive and complete construction documentation including issues, inspections and commissioning ensuring audit compliance
  • Reduced delays, downtime or costly corrections help to mitigate risk
  • Subscription fees include all service costs, e.g. for implementation, change requests, trainings and ongoing hotline support
  • Use for single projects or as enterprise solution

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