Workflow management & document control for design and construction processes

Submittal Exchange™ is a cloud-based platform for exchanging, reviewing and archiving design and construction documentation. Create a single, unified workspace for communication and collaboration making management, distribution of tasks, designs, meeting protocols and all kinds of documents more effective. Workflows, rules and forms can be easily customised according to your company’s specifications. Digitalising existing review and approval processes eliminates errors and saves time and money.

Using Submittal Exchange mitigates your business risks: data consistency, auditable communication and documentation processes as well as workflow management help avoiding delays on-site. They enable you to take timely and fact-based decisions on design and construction processes, help you plan and staff your resources and deliver your projects in time – or even ahead of time.

Why use Submittal Exchange™ – Top 10:

  • Workflow-based document management in the cloud for all design and construction processes
  • Subscription fee covers unlimited user licenses as well as implementation, changes, training and support for the contract duration
  • Automated single- and multi-step processes for review and approval
  • Automated e-mail notifications for reviews, approvals, changes and due dates
  • Filtering by categories for existing/new documents allows quick navigation
  • Integrate process stakeholders without user licenses via email containing a download link to the respective document
  • Excel and PDF reports
  • Digital HTML archive on project completion
  • List of expected designs and documents, comparing versions per trade and design phase
  • Easy-to-use web interface

Process-driven management of design and document exchange, review and approval

  • Pre-built central lists of required items (i.e. drawings and documents) from project manual can be customised per project
  • Automatic logging and tracking
  • Integrated PDF editor
  • Automatic version history – previous versions are still available
  • Enhanced project collaboration in virtual teams
  • Automatic archival on demand: complete documentation is available anytime for download

Eliminate redundant data entry, error sources and omissions

  • E-mail integration
  • Endless options for categorising, filtering and viewing information
  • Documentation and instant visibility of changes in real-time prevents delays
  • Clearly defined communication processes ensure timely approvals
    • Configurable workflows can be tailored to your company’s and/or project’s needs
    • Decision-makers are brought in for approval at the right moment in the process
  • Comprehensive reporting and Excel import/export functionality

Digitalised exchange, review and approval processes

  • List of expected items, including reminders
  • Overview of deadlines and process steps
  • Seamless LEED certification integration
  • Digitalise existing or create new forms and templates for
    • Design submittals
    • Design and material approvals
    • Document exchange (RFI, RFP, Comment)
    • Change orders (Requests for payment, Claims)
    • Minutes (Meeting minutes, test reports, inspections, site journal, photos…)
  • Automatic indexing
  • Integration of critical construction processes (defects management, inspections, safety, commissioning)

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